Waterproof Selfie Stick (PINPO)

I Am Sure You Have Heard The Hype…

Amongst all your friends and family, surely you have seen plenty of Selfies (both good and bad)!  The Selfie Sticks are not just for land anymore.  They have become quite the waterproof-action-sports camera enhancer!  It seems there’s no stopping the incredibly successful Selfies being taken by billions of people of all ages!  Look at one of the best waterproof Selfie Sticks for iPhones!

For Extreme Sports Enthusiasts!

High quality material makes it durable and waterproof without bulk.  This is perfect for underwater photography.  It only weighs .15kg or .33 pounds.  This product will hold .5kg or 1.1 pounds.

This Pinpo has a working heighth of 265cm or 10.43 inches.  It will extend to 210mm or 8.27 feet.

Monopod Specifications

Weight: 110g or .24 pounds
Length of extension: 27-112cm or 10.63 inches-3.67 feet
Max Load: 500g or 1.1 pounds
Screw hole: Standard 1/4 inch
Fits digital cameras with a 1/4 inch screw

Durable, portable, and lightweight
High quality material really makes it durable without being bulky
The strap and non-slip handle design aim to prevent incautious falls.

Bicycling or Camping?

This is lightweight and flexible so it is easy to carry when you are out for travel or camping. The Pinpo can be used as a stand for your phone and iPad after bended.
It can be entangled on a branch, railing, or even a bicycle, making your photography extraordinarily creative anytime and anywhere.

The Tripod Features…

Weight: 0.15kg or .33 pounds
Max Load: 0.5kg or 1.1 pounds
Maximum working height: 265mm or 10.43 inches
Flexible length: 210mm or 8.27 inches


PINPO® New Black 270mm-1120mm Super Long Extendable Waterproof Self-portrait Monopod Photo Selfie Handheld Stick 360 Degree Adjustable Ball Head & Phone Holder Stand for iPhone 5/5s/5C/iPhone 6/Samsung/Blackberry 1/4 Inch Tripod Hole Camera & Wireless Camera Bluetooth Self-timer Remote Shutter Controller for IOS Android & Multi-function Octopus Tripod Mount For DV,Camera,ILDC Digital Camera,Pads

My Top Recommendation…

The Pinpo has many choices when you want waterproof so I am choosing this Selfie Stick because it has everything you need in one package.  How many times have you purchased something only to find out you needed something else?! You will receive a 360 Degree Monopod, a Phone Holder, a Remote Shutter, and a Tripod…all 4 items!  Read on to see an amazing underwater Selfie Stick!



The Remote Shutter Controller…

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Samsung Galaxy/Notes
The shutter is small enough to have with you on your keychain whenever you need it.

For Sony Xperia Z, HTC New One and X+, simply download the app from Google Play.

NOTE: Due to the Customs Policy Constraint, the battery to the remote shutter is not included!  YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A BATTERY… CR2032, 3V (Battery is the only thing not included).


The Phone Holder…

Heighth available: adjustable design is suited for Smartphones/iPhones within 40-70mm or 1.57-3.03 inches.The soft cushions in the clamp will prevent your phone from scratches and sliding during using.
Screw-socket: Universal 1/4 inch.  High strength, small size, lightweight and easy to install. The width can be adjusted freely.

Slickmade Waterproof iPhone 6 Cases

The Good News is…

Selfies aren’t going anywhere!  Just when you thought they may be on their way out, underwater Selfies!  Though they are refreshing and many oppose these types of pictures, there is a generation who grew up learning how to pose for the best Selfies and that age group falls between the 16-34 year olds.  In fact, my niece and nephew (teenagers) have shown me many things I never heard of and quite frankly, I am shocked at their knowledge on the subject of technology.

Until my next Blog, be safe and be sure to wear your safety vest while cruising the waters on your next Selfie adventures!

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  1. I want to have a G10 camera in underwater housing with an underwater Selfie Stick. Can I remote click it with this Selfie Stick or only compatible with iphones, etc.?

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