Share Your Funny Selfies!


Most Embarrassing?

Selfie 1Come on…we all have them!  These days we have become narcissistic!  We are seeking validation and we don’t care at what length as we’ll do just about anything!  

Selfies are being taken at funerals.

Selfies are being taken while people are risking their lives…standing on train tracks AND the train is moving behind them!  

Selfies are being taken while serious incidents are taking place in the background…like fires or robberies!

Selfies are all the rage and in this day and age if you’re not snapping a pose, you are not in style.  Also, please be cautious and aware of your surroundings…nobody wants to be seen in this light!

Selfie Look Both Ways

2 thoughts on “Share Your Funny Selfies!

    1. I am not sure which photo you are referring to but all of them are real..I KNOW! Wait, oh I know which one…yeah…funny! Thanks for visiting!

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