Selfie Sticks Are Hot!


There is finally a solution to getting the whole gang in that important photo!  Selfie Sticks are a huge hit overseas and they are making their way into our hands!

Selfie Sticks, also known as Monopods, are devices that allow us to extend our reach while taking photos of anything.  The Selfie Sticks are either made of aluminium alloy or plastic and they come in a wide range of lengths.

Both sticks can be directly attached to a compact camera, iPhone, or an Android Smartphone.  A larger clamp, sold separately, can hold a small tablet.

Set your Smartphone or camera on a timer or activate it remotely via Bluetooth, and snap away!

Selfie Sticks and Monopods can be purchased anywhere from $6-$79.00.

Because of the extended arm on the sticks, one is able to snap beautiful photos with gorgeous backgrounds!  Imagine touring the Grand Canyon, standing with your family or friends, and capturing the most breath-taking view!  That photo will be one you can never forget!  It’s priceless!

Ever since 2013, when Selfies became the Word Of The Year, the sticks have been flying off the shelves!  There isn’t a need to “squeeze” everybody in the picture anymore!

By Yourself?

That’s a great option also!  Not only can you create great angles, you can snap shots of beautiful scenery!

The reviews are out of this world…snap up yours today!

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