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Oscars Selfie

Do you remember this?  Ellen DeGeneres said, “If only Bradley’s arm was longer.  Best photo ever.”  This Selfie was seen by 37 million people while the Oscar broadcast was viewed by 43 million.   This Selfie had more A-List celebrities, which is invaluable, that the word-of-mouth advertising was far more effective than paying a top advertising agency.  These days, you cannot put a dollar amount on a Selfie.  It’s an inexact science.

Did you just take another Selfie you’re ashamed of and your friends/family can’t stop laughing?  Maybe you cut some heads in half or perhaps you weren’t even in your own Selfie! I like the ones where you can see up your nose because of the weird angles!

Well, this is the hottest trend and you will see why…the Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick is the answer!

The Extendable Self Portrait Selfie Handheld Stick or Monopod is a collapsible rod that looks and functions very much like the extendable pointers that public speakers use for presentations.  At the tip of the rod is an attachment for mounting a camera with a tripod mount or the included adapter for mounting a smartphone.  To bring your Selfies to the next level of photography, just attach your smartphone or camera to the Selfie Stick, set the auto-timer on the camera, extend the stick and put on your best pose.  iPhone users may need a camera self-timer app as it does not come with an auto-timer by default.

31 thoughts on “Selfie Stick

  1. You are very nice keeping in contact. We are looking for a lot of Selfie Sticks and wondering if you’ll give us a bulk quote. You have my email so I will wait for your response. Thank you!

  2. You have a really cool site and it’s very interesting. This is the first time ever seeing a Selfie Stick. I laughed at the idea but later in the day I found me and my brother fighting over the Selfie Stick. Everyone thought it was funny, considering we both were acting like we were too manly for such a device. I never purchased one because I didn’t take Selfies, hardly ever, but I finally did. The device works really well. Lol! You made me a fan of Selfie Sticks!


    Jose R.

    1. Great, Teisha! I love this website too! Lol! I hope you found what you’re looking for and if not, come on back. I am always available to answer any questions you might have. Thanks, again!

  3. Whoa …nearly got vertigo looking at some of those Selfies …you have a great site here, Deidre …you really know what you are doing.
    It is really nicely put together. Reckon if my wife got her hands on one of these Selfie Sticks, I would be obsolete. Seems like I am her photographer first, husband second. She has literally thousands of photos – maybe I am in a couple dozen of them, I reckon. I am always on the other side of the camera – at least I am learning something about photography. Good luck with your website, Deidre – I love it.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! These Selfie Sticks and Monopods are a big hit in Asia. We are barely discovering them here in the U.S. So get yours before they’re all gone…LOL! Thanks for visiting!

  4. What will they think of next, right? Haha – I had no idea things like this had gotten so portable! I guess that’s what I’ve been seeing over the past couple of weeks with those daredevils that climb to the top of buildings, etc… and take these extraordinary and frightening Selfies. If only Ellen had one, maybe more than 25% of Jared Leto’s face would be immortalized in this picture forever – ha! Thanks for sharing, Deidre!

    1. Thanks for visiting! These sticks are very lightweight…cool! Did you see my video of the 3 students climbing to the top of the skyscraper and shooting a video?

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