People Are Envious Of The Selfie Sticks


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Don’t laugh…we have all been there and done that…right?

Do you recollect the most embarrassing minute of your life?  Mine was today.  I took a Selfie; furthermore…no, I wasn’t just snapping a “duck face” quickie with my iPhone.  I was utilizing a “Selfie Stick” …a hook like, growing wand reminiscent of a waste picker that has been adjusted to hold an iPhone at the end.  I set the timer, grasped the metro shaft, adjusted the stick, practically toppled onto a depleted mother, and grinned for the camera.  Regardless of the gazes, and for all intents and purposes taking out a kindred suburbanite, I really looked partly OK in the last item.  There was essentially less of the facial-peculiarity skewing that generally happens with a general Selfie.Looq Selfie

The Selfie Stick may appear to be exclusively for the amazingly self-included; however, before you point fingers, or sticks (LOL), I’m, by all account, not the only one utilizing it. Find #selfiestick on Instagram and  nearly 40,000 aftereffects of radiating couples and families holding the gadget show up.  It’s profits are clear: There are more variety of edges and more chances to fit individuals into a shot.  Could you envision what the epic Oscar Selfie would have looked like with a Selfie Stick?  The conceivable outcomes are inestimable.

Selfie Stick Worthy?

Still, regardless of the fact that the Selfie Stick is a clear overhaul from a typical Selfie strategy, would you say it is worthy to utilize?  The responses appear to be a mix of contempt and interest: My friend called the four-foot metal gadget the “gauge of narcissism.” While my boss asked, “Are you kidding?” And two associates asked where they could purchase one.

There Are Selfie Supporters!

Regardless of the feedback, there are still Selfie Stick supporters.  Selfie Sticks aren’t utilized only for Selfies—or in any event they won’t be.  Case in point, the tallness you get from a Selfie Stick would be perfect for recording concert footage.  With respect to getting odd gazes while utilizing my Selfie Stick, I do!  Absolutely…especially, here in the U.S.-beyond any doubt.  I have asked a lot of people if they would use one and I get either bizarre looks, or ‘No chance!”  In Asia, it’s common to see just one more couple taking a Selfie on a stick.
Grand Canyon Selfies 10

I went to Sedona, AZ and within 20 minutes, at least 10 individuals approached me and asked where I had purchased my Selfie Stick.  Later in the day, I snapped some photos of the Painted Desert and a swarm of individuals immediately accumulated…additionally taking photographs of me taking photographs of myself.  I took full body shots while standing on top of the mountains.  Whenever I was snapping photos, someone was snapping photos of me taking photos of me…all weekend!  I was the hit of everyone’s weekend, I imagine!

Along these lines, is the Selfie Stick going to be an extra staple in the following few months? I believe so!  It’s most likely growing in popularity, and if the bystanders I met weren’t simply unabashedly deriding me, its notoriety is developing. Anyway, in case you’re going to utilize it, be prepared for the unavoidable gazes and remarks; however, in the event that you’re as of now an enthusiastic Selfie-taker, you’re presumably not going to think about conveying a monstrous metal shaft around as well.  Concerning me, I most definitely will utilize it until the end of time.  When its all said and done, it does make for an extraordinary picture!

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    1. Thanks for the visit and I am not always utilizing Social Media…probably should! I appreciate your offer to spread the word! Get one of these before they’re flying off the shelves! LOL!

    1. Hello! Some of these Selfie Sticks are also called Monopods…which really is a tripod. These sticks are too cool! Please share your photos if you wish. Thanks for the visit, Rob!

    1. I have done the same…crazy to think these sticks have become so popular! Please share your photos from your trip…okay?! Thanks for visiting!

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