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A Monopod is an invaluable tool used to enhance your photographs and features.  There are a couple of photographic circumstances where I truly love utilizing my Monopod.  I wish I had a Monopod back in the day…would have come in handy when I went to see the Monkees in concert…LOL…I know, but the Moody Blues were there too!

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Monopods are easy to use as there is only one leg as opposed to a tripod which has three legs.

Monopods are lighter than tripods too.



The portability of Monopods is extremely important.  You can easily fit one in your purse or pocket (some models). Photographers find they can move effectively starting with one photography vantage point then onto the next when shooting photographs.



My friend uses his Monopod to help him hike up mountains.  The Monopod has a padded grip and either a cushioned or steel-tipped base.

I use mine to film Nascar races.  I just hold the Monopod and it swivels to follow the fast cars.



Avoid blurry photos when using a telephoto setting or long lens as the images are magnified.



Using a Monopod is like having an image stabilization system, but better.  It allows you to use a slower shutter speed which may give you a sharper image as well as the option of getting a Deep Depth of Field.

I mentioned my concert-going earlier in this Post but it’s true, this stick rises five feet above crowds and all you have to do is lift the Monopod up in the air and turn it to get full views.

You appear to have the appearance of a capable, educated picture taker.



One-legged Monopods are not as sturdy as three-legged tripods.

You will only have one orientation of the photo unless you purchase a rotating head.


Canon 64-Inch Photo / Video Monopod 500 with Ball Head (Black) with Canon Optical Lens Cleaning Kit for Digital SLR Cameras & Camcorders



Are you searching for the perfect Monopod?




Discovering why, when, and how to best utilize a monopod will help you settle on the right choice when purchasing your Monopod.

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