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Some monopods have feet as a feature.

This adds stability without needing the same space as a tripod.

Swivel Heads

They are extremely durable and provide for you extraordinary structural solidness for sharp photographs.

You are easily able to tilt your camera forward and backward with ease.

Quick-Release Mounts

As far as quick-release mounts, there are swivel heads and quick-release mounts.

Don’t have a few seconds?  The quick-release feature saves you the time of having to thread the mounting screw into the bottom of your camera.

Shoulder Straps

Why not use the 2 things we take for granted and use them to carry things?

Shoulder straps free up your hands so you can carry more pieces of equipment.

Hand Straps

Using a Monopod with a hand strap really is a personal preference.

I like mine and most photographers enjoy the ease of allowing the Monopod to hang freely.

Carbon Fiber

Monopods are extremely lightweight; however, Carbon Fiber Monopods are even lighter!

Carbon Fiber Monopods and tripods are solid.  They have a vibration-dampening characteristic that makes them very valuable.


Inspect you rubberized tip to make sure it is still intact

I prefer the combination metal point-rubber pad.  To switch from the rubber to the metal tip and vice versa, simply turn until your choice is selected.

Pistol-Grip Ball Head

These are great on tripods but extreme weight is felt when used on my lightweight Monopod!

These are extremely easy to use and they quickly adjust to any angle.  Their stability is uncanny!


Don’t like the shoulder strap?  Try the holster.

Worn on a belt, these easy to use pouches/holsters offer support for the base of a Monopod.

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  1. Will these work with the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus? I love your pictures and I am going to buy some of these for Christmas presents! Thank you for sharing. I hadn’t heard of these until today when someone mentioned them. Cool!

    1. Well, thank you! I used a WordPress Theme, Pepbiz, and I am glad you like it! I am enjoying this new adventure and thank you for visiting!

    1. Thank you and I do my best! These sticks can do just about everything…can even be used as a walking stick to help you balance yourself…LOL!

    1. THanks and I try to keep up with supply and demand! LOL! As these sticks are growing in popularity, I am being asked about reviews on certain ones…thanks for the visit!

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