iPhone Camera Extension


The iPhone Camera Extension Monopod Selfie Handheld Stick Holder

No other camera extension has the styling of Extend-n-Click.  This extension pole allows you to go further and get more background in your photos.  With a remote shutter release embedded in the handle, you’ll never take an awkward selfie again.  Self portraits have never been easier.  Camera extensions have been around for a while, but they all require Bluetooth or an application to work.  They also have limited battery life.

Extend-n-Click has eliminated those unnecessary features so you always get the photo.  No other camera accessory compares to Extend-n-Click.  This is the only selfie extender phone accessory you will ever want to carry.  It’s lightweight and strong construction makes taking selfie photos with this remote shutter release easier than ever.

Extend-n-Click is the only monopod on the market that plugs into an iPhone THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE an app., batteries, or even an on/off switch.  You’ll love the available colors, stylish charm, and the fact it’s lightweight and comfortable.  The sleek ergonomic handle and iPhone holder is molded with strong and attractive contoured plastic.  The stainless steel extension pole gives you the strength and durability you need.  The iPhone snaps into place in seconds-no adjustment screws or tightening mechanism required.

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