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Hello, my name is Deidre and I have taken many Selfies…especially since they are all the rage. I created this site because of a fabulous product.  The Selfie Stick is one thing you cannot live without!

In my Selfies, AND BEFORE THE SELFIE STICK, I had chopped off heads.  I had trouble trying to center myself.  And boy was my arm tired trying to capture beautiful backdrops.  If you know what I mean!

Traditional advertising is a thing of the past.  We forward through commercials.  We would rather spread the photos around social media and LIKE what we can instantly see.

Please feel free to share comments, ideas, interests, or anything else related to this site and I will get back with you.  I love the interaction!

Thanks for stopping by!  Enjoy your Selfie Stick and I want to hear your success stories…Cheers!


Deidre Salcido, Founder, MySelfieStick.org

email: deidre@myselfiestick.org


12 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Well, thank you and I try! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here and I will respond. Thank you and please stop back!

    1. You are too funny, Harold! I do appreciate you sharing my website with others…it means a lot to me! Thank you for your support and please stop back!

    1. Thanks for visiting and thank you for your offer to advertise for me…I really appreciate the gesture! Let’s just hope the sales come before the fad is gone! LOL!

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