3 Tips To Taking Perfect Selfies

Make Sure Your Expression Is Interesting

Did you just hear some great news?  Shocking news?  Something that made you laugh?

All of these photos can seem genuine because they are…it is your real reaction!  These selfies don’t appear fake.


What Is Your Focus?

Are you showing off a new pair of earrings?  Is your lipstick the newest shade for the season?  How about your eyes?

For showing off earrings, make sure your hair is pulled away from your face.  If it’s your lipstick, make sure you have applied it perfectly without feathering.  For your eyes…make sure your eyes “WOW” by lining your eyes, making sure your mascara makes your eyelashes long and full, and your eye shadow colors bring out the natural color of your eyes.


Strike A Pose

As experts say can be memorable if done right!  We all have a “good side” so make sure you show it!  A straight-on angle will be most flattering.  If you aim too high, you run the risk of showing a “pig nose” or showing only cleavage.

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